booting droid 4 xt894 with current kernel

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dynamic tick timer for linux

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linux fast serial port enabler for w83627hf

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powerbook 5300/1400 trex pcmcia driver for linux

pjb-100 personal jukebox usb driver for linux-2.6

xawtv-3.76 patch for remote X11 displays

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The w83627hf-fast-serial driver enables the higher speed serial port
baud rates 230400 and above for the w83627hf chip. The w83627hf is 
used on many motherboards, such as on the Tyan S2460.

To use the driver, compile it as a module, and load it. Once you have
loaded it, you need to set the custom divisor to enable the high speed
mode with setserial:

setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart 16550A baud_base 921600 spd_cust divisor 4

Click here to download the driver.

You may also be interested in the watchdog driver for the w83627hf, 
which is available here. Looks like the watchdog is not enabled on 
the Tyan S2460 board, but might be enabled on some other boards.


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