booting droid 4 xt894 with current kernel

booting hp t410 with current kernel

booting n8x0 with current kernel

unofficial n800 usb host mode

dynamic tick timer for linux

unofficial omap linux patches

linux for psion 5mx and revo kernel patches

proboot linux bootloader for psion 5mx pro

xpsitouch linux touch panel button handler for psion

linux fast serial port enabler for w83627hf

amd 76x native power management for linux

misc amd64 stuff for linux

powerbook 5300/1400 trex pcmcia driver for linux

pjb-100 personal jukebox usb driver for linux-2.6

xawtv-3.76 patch for remote X11 displays

dog toys



Here are the Linux patches for most TI OMAP processors, such as 730, 1510, 1610, 5912, 1710 2420, 2430, 3430, 35xx, 3630 and omap4. The OMAP1510 Linux port was originally done by RidgeRun, and then improved by MontaVista in their HardHat Linux 2.1. The current development for Linux is done using the linux-omap git tree here. Please see README_OMAP_GIT for more information. The mailing list for Linux OMAP developers is at linux-omap@vger.kernel.org. To subscribe, please click here. There is also searchable mailing list archive at here. For public documentation from TI, please see the following: TRMs for 15xx (1510, 5910) TRMs for 16xx (1610, 5912, 1710) TRMs for 34xx (3430, 3450) For some older Linux OMAP documentation, please see TI's site, OSK for Dummies and CELF OSK wiki page. You can use git to pull the linux-omap tree.

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