booting droid 4 xt894 with current kernel

booting hp t410 with current kernel

booting n8x0 with current kernel

unofficial n800 usb host mode

dynamic tick timer for linux

unofficial omap linux patches

linux for psion 5mx and revo kernel patches

proboot linux bootloader for psion 5mx pro

xpsitouch linux touch panel button handler for psion

linux fast serial port enabler for w83627hf

amd 76x native power management for linux

misc amd64 stuff for linux

powerbook 5300/1400 trex pcmcia driver for linux

pjb-100 personal jukebox usb driver for linux-2.6

xawtv-3.76 patch for remote X11 displays

dog toys



Here's some patches to run Linux-2.6.2 on AMD64 on boards with 
VIA chipsets, such as emachines m6805 or m6807 laptop.

NOTE: These patches are now outdated, and are available for
      reference only! Since around 2.6.7 things work fine in
      the standard kernel.

Patch to fix cpufreq for powernow-k8
The problem is that the BIOS is buggy and claims the CPU max speed
is 1600MHz instead of 1800MHz. The available versions are:

Pavel Machek's patch for fix PCMCIA with ACPI here.
This fixes the problem where plugging/unplugging the power cord 
with yenta_socket hangs the machine.

Patch to fix IOAPIC on x86_64 VIA chipsets (Not needed since 2.6.6)
To turn on APIC, you also need to specify it in the kernel cmdline:
root=/dev/hda3 ro psmouse.proto=imps apic console=tty0

To use the trackpad with X11, compile in the Synaptics support to
the kernel, and boot with psmouse.proto=imps command line option. X11 
xfree- works with the Radeon 9600 Mobility card but 
without DRI. My XF86Config is here. Use startx for regular layout, 
and "startx -- -layout dual" for dual screen session.

If your machine hangs during boot with stuck keyboard errors like 
"atkbd.c: Unknown key released ..." make sure you have the USB 
compiled in, not as a module: CONFIG_USB_UHCI_HCD=y

My linux config for emachines m6805 here.

There a pretty good documentation on running Linux on m6805 on 
thither's page.

There's also some useful information at the gentoo forum here.