Here's some patches to run Linux-2.6.2 on AMD64 on boards with VIA chipsets, such as emachines m6805 or m6807 laptop. NOTE: These patches are now outdated, and are available for reference only! Since around 2.6.7 things work fine in the standard kernel. Patch to fix cpufreq for powernow-k8 The problem is that the BIOS is buggy and claims the CPU max speed is 1600MHz instead of 1800MHz. The available versions are: linux-2.6.2-pre3 linux-2.6.4 linux-2.6.6 Pavel Machek's patch for fix PCMCIA with ACPI here. This fixes the problem where plugging/unplugging the power cord with yenta_socket hangs the machine. Patch to fix IOAPIC on x86_64 VIA chipsets (Not needed since 2.6.6) To turn on APIC, you also need to specify it in the kernel cmdline: root=/dev/hda3 ro psmouse.proto=imps apic console=tty0 linux-2.6.5-rc2 To use the trackpad with X11, compile in the Synaptics support to the kernel, and boot with psmouse.proto=imps command line option. X11 xfree- works with the Radeon 9600 Mobility card but without DRI. My XF86Config is here. Use startx for regular layout, and "startx -- -layout dual" for dual screen session. If your machine hangs during boot with stuck keyboard errors like "atkbd.c: Unknown key released ..." make sure you have the USB compiled in, not as a module: CONFIG_USB_UHCI_HCD=y My linux config for emachines m6805 here. There a pretty good documentation on running Linux on m6805 on thither's page. There's also some useful information at the gentoo forum here.