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The Trex PCMCIA driver enables the PCMCIA socket for linux on old NuBus
based PowerBooks, such as 5300 1400. So far it has only been tested on
a 5300c running the Linux PPC NuBus kernel and the Debian PPC distro.

I have been able to do apt-get dist-upgrade using a PCMCIA network card
with this driver, and that's all I care about :) So I'm hoping somebody
else might be interested in enhancing the support for it. I don't even 
have access to a NuBus PowerBook at this point.

Using the driver requires patching both the kernel and the pcmcia-cs. 
Also, the driver may not work on many cards at this point. Running 
dump_cis after the card is configured disables the card, as the chip 
memory area is multiplexed back to attribute memory area from IO memory
area. So it's mostly usable for developers only at this point.

There are some notes at the top of the trex.c file on what you need to
check in order to get the driver to work. Basically you need to
verify that ioaddr_t in cs_types.h is u_int in both the kernel headers
and pcmcia-cs headers. Then you need to undefine CONFIG_NBPMAC in 
drivers/net/8390.h if you are compiling in 8390 support and using 
PCMCIA cards that are also based on 8390, such as pcnet_cs. There are
currently no patches to do this unfortunately, so you need to edit the
files. Finally you need to apply the patches in drivers/pcmcia.

AFAIK, there's no real documentation for TREX except what little 
information is available in the PowerBook_5300.pdf available from 
Apple's site.

NOTE: This driver is now integrated in the Linux PPC NuBus sources with
some patches here.

Click here to download the driver.


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